Our Creative DNA

Harnessing the full potential of creativity is the most powerful form of communication. We focus our efforts to help you help the world.

Challenging the Status Quo

The purpose of your marketing is to be there when you can’t. When successful, your audience is confident that you understand their situation and can help turn it around. We help life sciences companies turn this concept into reality by combining:

Research-Based Creativity

Creative projects are made up of hundreds of decisions between a client and agency. Projects have a greater chance of being successful when decisions are based on research and evidence and a lower chance when based on opinions and idiosyncrasies.

Orrbitt’s creative process integrates research, analysis, and evidence to allow for smart, objective decision-making in order to minimize risks and maximize impact.

Progressive Agency Structure

The culture and creative spirit of traditional brick-and-mortar marketing agencies is great. But these agencies capacity to provide great creative work ends with it’s in-house employees’ experience. We kept the spirit and stripped away the limiting, inflexible stuff. This turned into our remote team of experts who all know the power of research-based creativity.

This is why we’ve structured Orrbitt to focus only on life science marketing rather than trying to be all things to all people.

Direct Client Relationships

The life science marketing landscape is rapidly changing. A life science company can no longer assume that an intermediary is competent in managing life science creative projects. Missed opportunities and costly oversights are the norm and the intermediary business model has suffered as a result.

Remember The Telephone Game?

Capturing high-impact opportunities and avoiding costly mistakes requires the experience and diligence of a full-time life science creative team. This is why we prefer to work directly with clients. In this focused environment, we’re able to offer the entirety of our proven experience to each client.

Orrbitt Team

You have unique goals and resources. Finding a relationship with an agency that inspires effective planning, execution, and results is the best way to pursue success.

John Stewart

Founder & Creative Director

Matt Dennis

Founder & Studio Director

Ashley A. Alvarez, Ph.D

Executive Scientific Advisor

Zoë Mathews

Head of Growth

Nick Pagano

Senior Creative

Kelsey Frey

Senior Creative

Brian Lewis

Senior Web Developer