June 30, 2020

Orrbitt Launches METEORR – Life Science’s First and Only Design Shop

METEORR is a one-stop-shop for biotech companies wanting to create a cohesive and high-end corporate look. With METEORR you can choose from a full range of branded materials including websites, PowerPoint decks, and brand collateral all in one place. METEORR is the perfect solution for life science companies looking to move quickly and for PR/IR firms who help those companies.

Here’s how it works:

    1. Head on over to METEORR and request a login
    2. Shop our custom design assets
    3. Add matching products
    4. Customize your selections
    5. Review & confirm
    6. Orrbitt receives your selections and gets to work!

All METEORR assets are 100% custom designs by Orrbitt. And you own what you buy. Once you purchase METEORR assets, we remove them from the store.

METEORR Websites

METEORR websites are built on Orrbitt’s improved WordPress platform and includes multiple features out of the box:

  1. Team Builder – Manage team bios and images in a few clicks
  2. Pipeline Builder – Animated, expandable pipelines managed right in WordPress
  3. LifeSci Page Builder – Create infinite pages, press releases, news media, and more with the page builder.
  4. Careers Management – Manage all your job descriptions, or connect your API from vendors like Lever, Greenhouse, and more.
  5. LifeSci Posts Manager – Manage press releases, news, publications, and more.
  6. NASDAQ API Integration – Automtically pull in press release and more from your IR site.

METEORR PowerPoint Templates

All website designs can be matched with a fully editable Presentation template, similar in design, that easily establishes a cohesive brand strategy. We’ve done all the work for you! Just choose a website design and select the matching PPT from our Additional Products page. It’s that easy.

METEORR Brand Identity

METEORR also has optional brand identity assets that match the website and PowerPoint options. Choose from business cards, letterhead and folders. We’ll help get all of your content loaded in and ready for print.

Have questions about METEORR?  Contact us at hello@orrbitt.com