Cricket Wireless taps Orrbitt founder as Spokesperson for real-customer campaign

Orrbitt founder John Stewart poses for promotional photos during national Cricket Wireless real-customer campaign.

It’s no secret that Orrbitt’s Founder and Creative Director likes to travel. In fact, the entire agency has been built on a remote working system since its birth in 2016. Now, Orrbitt has full-time staff all over the United States and around the world. With all of the ways we can communicate digitally, there’s simply no reason why we all need to be in one space. Collaboration happens through brain connectivity, NOT through physical connectivity.

“I refuse to put artists in boxes and then ask them to create inspiring things.”

John is a motorcycle enthusiast as well as a RV enthusiast. He regularly travels with his 30-foot “Toy Hauler” throughout the year. When he’s not traveling, he calls Carolina Beach, North Carolina home. That’s right…for a portion of the year, our fearless leader is a total beach bum.

During John’s travels, he ran into a few roadblocks when it came to reliable connectivity. Campgrounds and RV parks often advertise “free wifi” as part of their marketing efforts to draw people in. However, you’ll soon find out that it’s free because it’s non-existent. The need to stay connected to the team and to clients forced John to explore options to stay connected.

Cricket Wireless (Cricket) offers an unlimited Hot-Spot network for a fraction of the price. The hotspot, as you all probably know, is built into the phone already so there’s no need to buy and store an additional device or install a big antenna. Campers are already limited on space so minimizing the devices you travel with was a big requirement. The goal of John’s travels was to stay connected, and Cricket allowed for that no matter where the road led. Streaming his favorite shows and movies in the evenings after a good fire was also important. If you’re traveling to remote locations, a reliable hotspot is the way to go! If this all sounds like a sales pitch, then you’ll know why Cricket found John’s story so appealing.

In the fall of 2022, John was contacted by a Cricket representative based on a simple online testimonial he had offered up. The Cricket Team quickly fell in love with his story.

— Traveling Biotech CEO uses Cricket’s hotspot to connect with his team and clients no matter where he goes. —

As Cricket looks to expand into peripheral markets, the particular #rvlife #vanlife market appealed to them. More and more of the remote workforce is taking advantage of the flexibility of working from “home” by hitting the road and exploring new locations.

After a few interviews with the Cricket Marketing Team (who were all absolutely fantastic), Cricket selected John out of thousands of potential real-customers as a spokesperson for their campaign. John was flown out to LA where they shot his commercial on Malibu Beach. The Film crew brought in a camper that looked very similar to John’s rig and accompanied the theme with surf boards, coffee, and a laptop.

Now, John’s face can be seen all over social media and his short commercial seen on nationwide television networks including Hulu, Bravo, TNT, ABC, TikTok and Instagram ads. It’s a quick 15 minutes of fame and if you ask John, he’ll say…

”It’s weird. It’s really weird. But a good story for the grandkids someday.”

We’re proud of him for challenging himself to expand our brand and his brand in a very public way. If you spot John on TV or on Social Media, let us know!



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Photography credit: Tiffany Jade Thompson 2022


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