Timeless Brand Identity in a World of Constantly Changing Trends

Is your brand identity timeless and memorable?

Sure, people notice great brand identity design. A design that is eye catching, pleasing, and current. But what they notice even more than great design is old design. A design that may have been in its prime five years ago, or that brings you back to the heyday of the internet. Dated design leaves your client wondering what else in your practice is dated. It can give the impression that what you have to offer might also be dated too. On the other hand, staying current and always being on top of the newest trends, is a time consuming and expensive endeavor.

Far too many people when either branding or rebranding, look at new and exciting design concepts and want to incorporate them into their new design. This is understandable, as those who are rebranding want to be up to date. But following every modern trend will make for branding that looks great for a year or so, and then begins to look washed up.

Finding the sweet spot between timeless and staying on trend is important to a successful brand identity. So where is the balance? And how do you find it? A good designer will be able to help you to find this balance, but being able to recognize it yourself will help you to make important decisions when it comes to the evolution of your brand.

Identifying Timeless Design

Timeless design means classic fonts, colors and designs that don’t change regularly over time. A timeless design stands up to the test of time. It doesn’t mean the brand hasn’t evolved over the time, or even that the logo hasn’t changed over time. It has maintained a core appearance that may have been updated over the years.

This can be achieved by using similar fonts and color schemes over the years. Take Coca-Cola for instance, a brand that is over 100 years old, that has stayed modern, but when it comes down to it, the branding itself has hardly changed over the decades.

Their current logo has only slight differences from a century ago, but when you drink it, you don’t feel like you’re drinking something old fashioned, you feel like you’re drinking a classic beverage.

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