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ORRBITT named a Top 10 Marketing Agency for the Life Sciences.

LIFE SCIENCES REVIEW names ORRBITT a Top 10 Marketing Services Agency for 2022.

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Publication:  Life Sciences Review

Edition: Marketing

Issue: November 17, 2022




Unleashing the Creative Side of Pharma Marketing

The past two years had the entire world looking to biotech and life sciences companies to combat the novel coronavirus, leading to a boom in the industry’s private and public funding. It started saturating with more innovative startups as an aftermath, sparking a paradigm shift in the pharma marketing approach. Amid a crowded market, life sciences companies needed more interactive and personalized marketing strategies to drive their unique market differentiation.

Orrbitt Creative Group, an award-winning creative agency, is helping life sciences companies and biotechnology firms carve their unique brand identity. Orrbitt’s team aims to replace the industry’s conservative marketing approach with its highly customized touches to creating a digital presence.

“We were founded at a time when there weren’t many creative agencies focused solely on the biotech space. We have been working as an independent creative and design agency for biotech companies ever since, which has put us in a sweet spot as creative pharma marketers,” states John Stewart, founder of Orrbitt Creative Group.

Orrbitt’s design acumen, combined with years of experience observing the biotech and biopharma sectors from close quarters, helps it strategize and execute the most engaging branding and marketing strategies.

One of its applications can be seen in the dynamic websites Orrbitt builds for its clients. A static, repetitive web design is a dull approach to attracting attention to complex scientific concepts. The dynamic websites are designed with interactive user interfaces and movable cells, and components to help website visitors seamlessly engage with novel scientific ideas. These websites can also be easily updated by sending a request to the web server. Life sciences companies, as a result, can become champions of change agility. Whenever there is a new scientific discovery, life sciences companies can include relevant, legible research content on the website in an interactive way.

The engaging websites are also complemented by Orrbitt’s scientific graphics that visually express the complex scientific topics and jargon in life sciences companies’ interdisciplinary nature of studies. According to Orrbitt, graphical data representation has a unique selling approach as they effortlessly abridge intricate scientific concepts. To ensure the accuracy of the graphics, Orrbitt has an in-house scientific advisory team, one of its kind in the industry, to validate the designs. This perfect blend of art and science makes Orrbitt a sought-after creative expert in the domain.

Orrbitt has also created Meteorr, a first-of-its-kind online platform for biotech website templates. Meteorr’s pre-designed templates are customizable and accommodate smaller budgets and timelines without compromising quality. This is beneficial for startups and enterprises working on a shorter deadline.

Orrbitt’s dynamic websites, bold logos, modern color palette creation, scientific illustrations, and other creative services are driven by its comprehensive strategy-building exercise that underpins a client’s business goals and objectives. It is best exemplified by its website design project for Camp4, which won the Digital Health Award. Camp4 usually compares overcoming diseases to a mountain climbing experience. Inspired by this thinking, Orrbitt designed the website with a backdrop of Mount Everest, and animated graphics that highlighted the movement from one camp to another, depicting Camp4’s journey to new heights using their programmable therapeutics. The Mount Everest summit inspiration can also be found in Camp4’s logo.

Similar out-of-the-box thinking can be seen in its PowerPoint services. Considering the role PowerPoint presentations play in introducing novel scientific discoveries to investors and securing an investment deal, life sciences companies must create a great first impression. The Orrbitt team’s exemplary PowerPoint services make that happen as they reimagine the slide design to develop outstanding professional presentations. Orrbitt is one of the few companies offering this service, making it a competent partner for this business-critical assignment.

At a time when mirroring big brands is considered a safer marketing approach, Orrbitt’s creative strategy toward differentiating every company from each other is taking branding for life sciences and biotech companies to new heights.


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