Orrbitt’s Process for How Business Cards Get Done

In our experience, there are 3 typical processes that work in order to get from design approval to printed cards.

The design approval is just one step of the process – with obviously the end goal being a printed card for designated members of your team. In our experience, there are 3 typical processes that work in order to get from design approval to printed cards.

1. Orrbitt creates a print-ready file:
The (client) team prepares a content document with card information for all the members of their organization who will be receiving one. This document should including all information each member desires to have on their cards (name, title, phone number/s, email/s, address, etc.). Once that document is created you would send that to us. We create individual designs for all members and send a draft back to your team for review. Once we have an approval on all cards and everyone is happy, we can prepare a print ready file and give that to you to have printed. You can use an online resource or local vendor – it’s up to you.

2. The Printer creates a print-ready file:
(client) contacts a printer and that printer provides the necessary printing specs to Orrbitt. We prepare an editable art file with those specs and then you pass that on to your printer and work with them to set up all individual cards.

3. The Client creates a print-ready file:
Orrbitt will send an Adobe Illustrator file or editable PDF for the client to create their own print-ready file to send to the printer. This requires the client to have the resources to edit and manipulate Adobe files. This is rare as most of our clients are not proficient in the Adobe programs that design agencies use to create design assets. Some clients are savvy and have software programs to edit a PDF. If you or someone on your team would like to take a shot at doing so, then the file we have sent over is all you need.

Most of our clients choose option 1. In most cases we can turn around a print review file the same day we get your content document. Once you have that design file, you’re all set and ready to send to a print shop or online printing resource. We can provide a few recommendations if needed.

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