website & scientific graphics 2018

The Ask

NGM Bio, based in South San Francisco, requested a new website and supporting scientific graphics that would communicate their culture and science to investors and potential new hires. NGM Bio built their company around core scientific values that guide their approach to drug discovery and development. Each of their programs are internally discovered and focuses on a disease with high unmet needs. The common goal is delivering outsized impact for patients.

The Deliverable

Orrbitt's created a web design to carry NGM Bio's scientific values throughout the design. Each section of the website represents complete, custom design work. Some of the top features include an interactive pipeline, animations, custom scientific graphics and a creative coupling of brand elements with new photography.

Area of Focus

NASH / Diabetes / Oncology / Ophthalmology


Q3 2018

website strategy & planning

Research-based creativity helps you improve the quality of life for your patients, convey science to your investors, and recruit the brightest minds.

NGM Website Strategy
NGM Desktop View
NGM Tablet View
NGM Phone View

Scientific Graphics

NGM Bio - Orrbitt Scientific Graphic
NGM BIO - NASH graphic
NGM Bio - NGM313

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