The Ask

Sherlock Biosciences aims to disrupt diagnostics with better, faster, affordable tests through their unique Engineering Biology platforms. At top of mind, was demonstrating where Sherlock fits into the CRISPR puzzle through clear, bold scientific graphics.

The Deliverable

With Sherlock's new logo and content as a starting point, Orrbitt began working with our scientific advisor and the Sherlock team on scientific graphics. The style and concepts of these graphics informed the new website design. You can view these graphics on Sherlock's Technology page.

“Zones” highlight UX and clickpath strategy for content layout.

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Web Pages

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custom pages that tell a story and communicate your message.

Scientific Graphics

Our scientific graphics help you clearly and concisely communicate your most
important information, your science, in an easy-to-understand way.

Social Media

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social media to interact with patients, partners, and potential hires in new ways. Our social media
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