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Menon, PhD
Scientific Advisor & Senior Content Strategist
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Sarita is a seasoned life science professional with a remarkable 20+ years of experience. After a Ph.D. in cancer cell biology and six years of postdoctoral work focused on breast cancer and infectious diseases, Sarita traded her lab coat for entrepreneurship and founded Smore Science magazine to advocate for equal representation of women and minorities in STEM and to ignite the spark of curiosity in young minds.

Sarita’s expertise lies at the intersection of science and marketing. As an independent digital marketer, she collaborates with renowned companies in the life sciences industry such as ThermoFisher, BioRad, and Blue Mountain, providing content strategy and scientific support. Her wealth of knowledge positions her as a sought-after expert in crafting impactful digital content.

Whether crafting compelling content or standing up for equal representation, she is committed to making a lasting impact in the life sciences industry and beyond. With roots in India, Sarita currently resides in the Houston area with her husband and together they try  to raise their two children to embrace casseroles and curries equally.  In a parallel universe, she is certain her untapped potential as a stand-up comedian has taken off as a wildly successful career.

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